May 25, 2006

dirty sneeks

Apparently some people don't want you to be allowed to decide for yourself what you wear in your own garden. Pathetic. There is this story in the Telegraph. Morien Jones a dirty voyeur neighbour of 55 year old Lynett Burgess became so distressed about watching Miss Burgess choosing to sunbath naked though the zoom lens of his video camera that he called the police about her, and they prosecuted! But I guess it must be much easier to go after a naked old woman peacefully sunbathing in her own garden than a burgler or mugger. H/T The Englishman


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading this I would agree with you but ...........

The Press / Media outfit the papers bought the story from err...I'll be kind and say they got it wrong. I've already had an apology from the BBC, The Telegraph, The Times, the Daily Mail, The News & Star, The Yorkshire Post, & The Independent.

I am Morien Jones - the neighbour who provided some of the police evidence
that took Lynette Burgess to court.

I feel I must correct some facts.

1) The filmed naked incident happened on my property, in front of my house
and down the path to the main road and absolutely NOT in Lynette Burgess'
garden as she claims, but the film proves this. This has been widely
miss-reported by the National Papers, initially including the BBC Web-site.
I've since had an apology from the BBC.

2) I DID NOT SAY " She walked back and fore completely naked - I went to get
my video camera to record the incident." as the BBC reports. The video was
taken by the builder and not Mr. Jones (myself) and this is provable, as I
can be seen in some shots . Originally we were filming the renovation of the
house and she walked passed. We videoed from inside the living room, to
protect ourselves against false accusations which she is prone to making. We
were very wary of this neighbour who had accused us of "Controlling her
water", and had employed a builder to knock down our coal shed in the first
few days of us moving there.

Loads of things had made the situation tense before Lynette's naked wanderings.
We had been advised by the police to keep a record and gather evidence.

3) The naked walk was not an individual incident and adds to a long list of
events that are being put together if ever a case for harassment is

4) The Crown Prosecution Unit originally took on this case as :- Harassment
/ Indecent Exposure and later dropped the Harassment charge because
Harassment is notoriously difficult to prove. Therefore we were left with
just the video incident to talk about, and no other events after. There is a
long list of more sinister events to consider.

5) I have no objection to her nude sunbathing on her own property; I draw
the line at wandering my property naked where my kids play.

It is very easy to create a stereotype and then knock him down, but is it not the responsibility of newspapers, to collect all the facts before printing a story or point of view?

What is particularly disturbing is the “over the neighbour fence” slurs and Lynette Burgess' much quoted “how they were able to see me, I just don’t know.” – with tiny research it becomes quite obvious how she was seen.

The question in people’s minds should have been “How do you feel about naked people strolling through your own property?”

Some facts of this case have been blurred. In my opinion this blurring in
the National Press has allowed Lynette Burgess to continue her campaign of
harassment on a national scale.

Morien Jones

1:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

L.Burgess has been done for criminal damage now!

2:57 am  

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